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SMART-Loyalty, SMART-Client, SMART-Clinic and SMART-Coach by SMART Insight is a comprehensive, practical and effective online loyalty card platform designed to help you understand and communicate with your customers.

Ideal for any company who wants to turn their customer data into actionable information for increased profit and a better customer experience but does not have the skills or time in house.

If you have customers, then get SMART!

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Is your loyalty card rewarding you?

Or just losing you profit?

Most loyalty card systems are all about giving points and rewarding customers. We can do that too, but we go much further in making your loyalty card work much harder for you. We view the process of rewarding customers as the cost that allows you to identify and understand your customers for your mutual benefit.

Unless your customers are spending tens of thousands of pounds with you, your 1% reward scheme isn’t going to materially affect their behaviour. However, your ability to communicate with them more effectively will reward you with more visits, higher spend and an increasing number of active customers.

SMART-Loyalty focusses on transforming your data into information through segmentation, profiling and analytics rather than giving any of your hard earned profits to anyone who could be bothered to pick up your “free loyalty card”. Anyone can give away discounts, but only SMART businesses can recruit, retain and re-activate their customers leading to greater long-term profits.

We use your data from your EPOS, clinic booking system or coach management system to provide you with unparalled insight into your customers, their behaviour and activity. If you don't have a customer database, SMART-Client is for you.

With the information at your finger tips you can use our various modules to understand and communicate with them to drive your business growth profitably.

Base SMART Systems

Whatever the style, size or format of your business, you need to understand and optimise your customer knowledge and communication. You'll need a customer database, so depending on your situation, select which base system is most appropriate for you.


Designed for businesses with no existing or usable customer database but want to manage and understand their customers better.

You'll be able to take advantage of automated customer communication, appointments and an easy to use diary system


You'll have an EPOS system and may be an existing loyalty card that is not performing. SMART-Loyalty Loyalty Card Software integrates with most epos systems to provide you with the information you need to grow your business.

Typical retailers include garden centres, department stores, general retail, online stores and farmshops.


If you run a clinic or salon style business, SMART-Clinic extends your ability to understand all your clients better and improve your business.

Spot trends and gaps in your bookings and resources, analyse customer behaviour and maximise your clinic sales.


SMART-Coach turns your coach manager data into information so that you can profit from better knowledge of your customers.

Target your brochure mailings more effectively, optimise mailing campaigns and grow your business intelligently through your data and our systems.

SMART Modules

An ever growing range of modules are available to use the information now at your fingertips. Most modules can be used as stand-alone systems or integrated with other SMART Systems. Mix and match what suits you and only pay for what you need.

Easily and quickly generate personalised HTML emails and send them to segments of your database based on whatever criteria you choose. Automate and trigger emails in response to preset behaviours or purchase activity to engage with your clients.

Communicate effectively and quickly with your clients via SMS text. Great value and near 100% open rates ensure messages are rapidly communicated. Ideal for smart-ticket event notifications and cancellations, appointment reminders and rectifying bounced email messages.

Monitor and track your clients' feedback to identify potential issues and make sure that they are effectively addressed. Benchmark customer satisfaction across branches and discover what your customers need and what you are not delivering before it is too late.

Allow your customers to move on from plastic cards and keep your loyalty card on their smartphone. No more lost cards and a better way to communicate your offers, rewards and points to your customers.

Sell tickets to all your events, including talks, special restaurant events, trips and seasonal events. Control numbers based on your capacities, offer flexible pricing, vouchers and discounts and more. Integrate with smart-mail, texts, loyalty and websites to deliver the complete solution.

Provide a single view of your incoming customer contact threads. Make sure everything is answered, record outcomes and allow visibility of the whole process to your teams. Identify trends and highlight areas of concern quickly to streamline your operations and improve your customer service levels.

Maintain an appointment diary, booking system or a shared marketing calendar to help run your business. Unlimited event categories and resource management give you a clear view of what's coming up next. Integrate with smart-texts or smart-mail to send appointment reminders.

Maintain a corporate standard of Point of Sale throughout your stores by generating your POS with Smart-Pos. Anyone can now make their own POS and you know it will meet your standards. No more random colours, naff clipart or non corporate fonts! Entries are saved for future access and editing and distribution to save time and effort.

Improve your sales opportunities by selling vouchers for your products or services online and compete with the large retailers. Track your vouchers, use them to promote additional sales and generate valuable repeat business. Generate automated vouchers for birthdays, events or based on spend activity.

From simple brochure websites to websites that offer you customers a login to view their account, update their details and access their points balances, sales histories and more. Full design and content management system is available.

Turn your website into an online store and increase sales to your database and the wider public. Promote your store via SMART-Mail, SMART-Text and reward your shoppers with your SMART-Loyalty Module.

Secure file repository for shares documents that need to be shared across various locations or departments. Log all file access, restrict folder access to specific people or groups and maintain confidential documents.

Turn your printed brochures into online "page-turning" versions which look and feel familiar, but can be easily and freely distributed. Enable click throughs, track reader engagement and embed your brochures in your website.

Record training modules delivered to your staff so you know who has been trained in what, when they are needing refresher courses and when they need additional support. Identify training opportunities and plan resources to effectively deliver it.

Email your customers payment links to enable them to compete their purchases over the internet securely without handing over the credit card details. Track online payments and reconcile with your records.

Unresolved property maintenance and health and safety issues detract from your customer experience and can be stressful to staff. Log all issues with smart-property, allocating tasks to internal teams or external contractors and make sure that everyone knows the priority issues and when they are scheduled for action.

Export any data to smart cube and create your own dynamic reporting that makes sense to you. The most flexible reporting system for all your smart modules. What's the point of data if it can't be accessed and turned into business enhancing profitable information?

Understand and manage your coach tour clients to enhance their experience and your profitability. Identify opportunities to fill seats, easily build tour emails and make sure you retain your top customers. Handle brochure requests, recommend-a-friend, keep your website tour details up to date and track tour and client satisfaction and performance.

Manage school coach transport bookings, passes and payments. Scan passes to ensure no one is cheating the system! Plot the most effective pick up routes and points. Provide a waiting list when you are at capacity and enable quick and effective text or email communication in case of delays or problems.

Monitor and manage your outstanding coach hire quotes, identify those that need closing urgently and don't miss opportunities. Send email reminders and get status updates. Get valuable feedback on why quotes weren't successful.

Specialist garment printing module to track, organise and effectively manage the jobs and tasks involved with the complex needs of a bespoke design and printing business. Manage your finances and make sure that you get paid too!

How well do you understand your customers?

Just some of the intelligence that SMART can provide?

Customers are why you exist, they are the most critical ingredient to your profitability. So why do you not know them better. Who are regular visitors, who would you miss most if they stopped visiting, who used to spend more than they do now? SMART answers these questions and thousands more and provides you with the tools to improve you customer relationships and profit.

You manage your finances, property and staff, but what about your customers? You can manage them too with SMART. Do you need to Recruit more customers, Retain customers or just Re-activate lapsed customers? The answer is in the data that you may not have access to without SMART. You need to communicate with them with relevant timely messages, understand their motivations and needs. You need to reward and incentivise them to help support your business effectively. In short, you need to manage them!

Whether you have 100 or 1 million customers, SMART works for you to enable you to understand, identify and engage with customers based on their transaction histories, demographic profiles, activity and more. Easily group customers together, automate triggered communications. Map your customers, see areas of growth and potential areas to recruit new customers from.

Separate your top customers from the rest and treat them differently. Our report show that the top 20% of customers contribute and average 65% of your sales, whilst the bottom 20% only contribute 1% of sales, so why treat them the same? Reward and make your top spenders feel valued with strategic messages, differentiated treatment and unexpected treats. Consider a different strategy to upsell or cross sell more products and services to less beneficial customers. If you were looking to expand your customer base, aim for more people like your top customers, not your bottom customers!

The key is being able to identify which customers are your top customers! If you can't you need to get SMART!

SMART can let you know if your number of active customers is growing and if their average annual sales and average annual transactions are increasing, so you know if your processes are working and what to do about it if they are not.


We offer a very bespoke service to a limited number of clients so that we completely understand their goals and objectives.

From simple websites to sophisticated automated database marketing systems, we help clients from the very small to the very large optimise their web and data opportunities.

We understand that one size does not fit all!

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If you think this is what your company needs but it is all too much and you just won't have the time, then use our outsourced services so you can get on with doing your job and we'll do it all for you!

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About SMART Insight

My retail background as Managing Director of £16m Cadbury Garden Centre and Marketing Director of the £50m Garden & Leisure Group gave me first hand experience of the shop floor and the need to understand and surpass customer expectations. With the data we gathered through our systems, we became one of the largest and most successful independently owned retailers in the UK.

Since then, SMART Insight Ltd, founded in 2004, has worked with over 20 loyalty card and customer database schemes and gained valuable experience in identifying opportunities for clients to benefits from their data through the constantly evolving SMART platform.

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